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Easily set up your silent auction & sell tickets. Most organizations agree this is one of the best ways to earn money for your fundraiser.

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The Shamba Foundation

Kenya Kids Rising

Sponsored by Aimee Broadbent

$3,921.96 of $5,000.00 donated
Cora Blue Fund

New Classrooms for Olopikidongoe

Sponsored by Janyne Preston

$51,787.17 of $120,000.00 donated
Farr West Elementary PTA

Fall Carnival and Silent Auction

Sponsored by Stephanie Hicken

$4,210.23 of $5,000.00 donated


  • I would like to thank the team at Elefundo for the incredible platform they've created for those of us who need ways to raise money, as well as save, so our funds may be maximized and go for the direct purpose(s) they are intended. Elefundo has put it all into one site and developed a user-friendly interface for us and for our donors. Elefundo is something everyone can benefit from. Thank you! Aimee Broadbent, President of The Shamba Foundation
  • We were so happy with the ease of using Elefundo for our Silent Auction as well as the ticketing for our Fall Carnival. The website was very user friendly and it took a lot of the hassle out of the silent auction! Our parents also loved that it was all online and they could pay with their card. It was definitely a smart choice for our fundraising needs. Stephanie Hicken. PTA President with Farr West Elementary
  • Elefundo was just what I needed to take my charity to the next level. They made it so simple & effective to raise money! It's easy to use, easy to share, took out the hassle of collecting money, then I was able to focus my time & efforts on exactly what is near to my heart. Matt, Cora Blue Fund