6 Ways Elefundo Makes It Easy to Raise Money, Part One

Benefits Adventage Assistance Income Value Concept When you are raising money, convenience is key. Less work plus a better return makes for an overall successful fundraiser. As the organizer, you want to limit your work as much as possible, but the truth is that those who donate also want it to be easy to give money or goods to your fundraiser. To really simplify the process and help local organizations raise money for things they need, Elefundo has created a site that helps fundraise in several ways.

1. Give Through Shopping

You’re already going to do your shopping through large retailers, so why not turn everyday shopping into a way to raise money for a worthy cause? Companies like Walmart, Groupon, eBay, Target, Expedia, Zulily, Lego and Sam’s Club are all places that you can shop to earn a kickback for your organization. Elefundo offers an easy extension that helps you to remember to go through the site when you are doing your shopping, it’s easy to check out on the retailer’s site and we work with hundreds of online retailers to maximize fundraising opportunities for every charity or organization.

2. Take Advantage of Local Deals

Did you know that some companies work with Elefundo just for the opportunity to earn your business? Through us, local businesses offer quotes to users and in turn donate to the cause simply because you helped them make the connection. This has many benefits, including the fact that local businesses often offer better deals, estimates and quotes are easy to get from service businesses and your participants can support local small businesses.

3. Donate Directly

Of course, Elefundo also allows for those who are interested to simply give a direct donation when necessary. For a very low cost, charities and schools get money from those who donate. This is an easy way to collect money that is hassle-free. You have 24/7 access to your funds and can obtain the money even before you meet your fundraising goal. Direct donations are easy to advertise on social media, and all donations are made on a safe and secure connection. Notification emails can be sent through your dashboard profile and Elefundo caps our fee at $17.95 plus standard payment processing fees to guarantee that your organization takes home most of the donations. The registration process is free and easy and donations can be made easily from mobile devices.

When participants use direct donation to participate in your fundraiser, they can rest assured that their transactions are secure and their personal information is protected. Elefundo also keeps a running tally of how much money everyone has donated, which is helpful for tax and accounting purposes, although we encourage every individual to meet with a professional to get advice about documenting donations.

Stay Tuned…

These are just three of the ways that Elefundo makes fundraising easy, whether it’s for a local school or a one-time charity event. Our next post will delve into the additional three ways we make it simple, easy and convenient to fundraise. In the meantime, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.