6 Ways Elefundo Makes It Easy to Raise Money, Part Two

red concert event ticket with set number and bar code Elefundo works to make raising money for charities and schools as easy as possible. In our previous post, we discussed online shopping through large retailers that donate a portion back to the organization, donations given simply by businesses that can try to earn your business and direct donations. These are just three of the ways that we currently use to simplify the process. We want you to have a solid return on your efforts, and we are constantly looking for new ways to help you raise money for your worthy cause.

4. Silent Auctions

Silent auctions are a fun way to tap into the competitive spirit and get your supporters excited about items they can win. When faced with a competition for goods or services, most people are more inclined to spend more to win the item. Silent auctions can be a lot of work, but Elefundo does our best to make it easy on the participants and the organizers with the following:

  • Bid winners receive an automatic email so you don’t have to notify all the winners
  • Easy to set minimum bid amounts so your items go for what they are worth
  • Bidding process is simple and easy for participants
  • Once the item has been won, the checkout process is easy to complete
  • Silent auctions can be shared on social media to get more action
  • Uploading items is easy through our platform
  • Bidders can add a maximum bid for an item so they don’t have to keep checking back throughout the entire auction
  • Check-in process that is streamlined
  • Low overhead costs as Elefundo caps what we collect for our services

With fun, coveted items and good advertising, a silent auction can bring in large amounts of money to help you meet your worthy goals.

5. Event Ticketing

If you are planning an event for your fundraiser, the ticketing process can be a nightmare if it isn’t handled right. If participants must buy tickets to be involved, this can be one of your best ways to earn money. Allow interested parties to buy tickets for your event through Elefundo with easy checkout, add a widget that allows you to track from your website, enjoy low payment processing costs, benefit from an easy process to check-in and great ways to share on social media. If participants buy tickets beforehand and are committed, they are likely to attend your event.

6. Email Contact With Supporters

Direct, regular contact with supporters is an important part of keeping them invested in your event. With our platform, you can easily contact supporters before, during and after an important event. Set up your account to send automatic emails directly from your dashboard and remind previous supporters about upcoming events for free. It’s easy to contact those most likely to support by importing your contact list to your account.

Allow Us to Make Fundraising Easy for You

At Elefundo, we are passionate about helping our local community schools, churches and organizations have an outlet to conveniently raise money for worthy causes. Rather than spending your time handing administrative details, we take care of that for you so you can focus on the creative aspect that improves your event. Contact us today to learn more.