What is the Best Time of Year to Run a Fundraiser?

  1. Consider your deadline. When do you need to have your goal amount raised? You will most likely need to plan on needing anywhere from 1 to 12 months to raise your funds.
  2. Consider the amount that you need to raise. If you are raising a large amount of money, it can take longer to reach your goal.
  3. Consider the reach and impact that your fundraiser has. If your fundraiser will directly benefit a small group of people, you will likely need extra time to reach your fund raising goals  because less people will be involved. If your fundraiser will benefit a large number of people, you are likely to raise more money in less time.


  1. Be consistent with your efforts. Let’s face it. People are busy. If you send out one email, one tweet or one Facebook post about your fundraiser don’t expect the money to come pouring in that easy. It’s not that most of your contacts don’t want to help. It’s just not probably the top thing on their mind at that moment. Giving your contacts consistent reminders about the cause and the goal may not generate the donations right away, but with consistent reminders your results will grow.
  2. Include the fundraising results in your updates. People in your contact pool can easily see the progress of your fundraiser at www.elefundo.com, but why not tell them yourself? People love being updated on things that they are a part of. Letting your group know the percentage of the goal that has been reached, how much has been raised and how much more you need to raise makes them feel like they are part of something bigger, like a team!