Fun Ways to Incorporate the Holidays to Raise Money for Schools

Fun ways to Incorporate

As the seasons move into fall, there are plenty of fun holidays to look forward to. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year are all within two months of each other, and give anyone the perfect reason to throw a party. With the holiday spirit in the air, it’s easy to get people excited about buying, giving and raising money for charity. We have just a few general ways that you can incorporate some of the upcoming holidays to create a fun, exciting, successful event to raise money for your school.

Host a Haunted House for Halloween

Everyone loves a good haunted house, and you can give parents an affordable option when you throw a Halloween carnival that includes a haunted house. Include a silent auction with goods donated from local businesses, and take cash donations through a company such as Elefundo. Each classroom can be turned into its own part of the haunted house, with teachers dressed up in costumes and creepy lights and decorations to keep the kids entertained. Keep it simple and limit the scariness so the younger kids aren’t too afraid to join in. Hold a raffle, have attendants buy tickets and get a local business to donate pizza or something simple for dinner.

Holiday Wreaths for Sale

Whether you celebrate Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas or any other holiday in December, there’s always a reason to decorate. With a list of volunteers and students willing to help, you can decorate and sell holiday wreaths to raise money. Have the students bring donations in the form of trinkets or ribbons to decorate the wreaths. You may even want to accept old wreaths to turn them into something new and majestic. Kids can sell them to family and friends in the area, and then homeowners have something festive to decorate their doors without the hassle of going to the store.

A Turkey Bowl With a Purpose

It’s a common tradition for families and friends to join in on a friendly game of football around Thanksgiving time, so why not make it into a tournament to raise money? Create teams and ask each team to raise a certain amount of money before they play. Once you have a team captain, they can recruit players for their team and ask neighbors and members of the community to commit funds to promote and represent their team. If each team is required to raise $100, and there are ten players on each team, then each player is only asked to raise $10. Get enough teams and you have a solid start for fundraising.

You can even have a powder puff competition at the same time. Sell hot chocolate to keep the crowd warm. Turn this into an annual event that the community is invested in, and turn Thanksgiving football games into a way to raise money for the things that are important to students.

Holidays Are for Giving

Around Halloween, the party spirit starts, and Thanksgiving and Christmastime lend themselves to being thankful and giving. These are the perfect times to hold fundraisers, as many members of the community are already looking for somewhere to donate, and many donations to local schools are a tax write-off.