Getting People Motivated To Give

If it’s one thing that people love more than money, it’s helping others. People will willingly part with some of their hard earned cash if
they feel an emotional reason for doing so. In order to give your cause the best chance of succeeding, it helps to make your campaign
resonate with the people you are campaigning to. Here are two examples of a campaign description. You can be the judge of which one will be more effective.


“The Thornton High School football team is raising money for new equipment starting now through December. Please make a donation to help today! Click Here to donate”


“The Thornton Silver Wolf football team needs your help! Many of the helmets, pads and training gear that keep them safe on the road to victory are getting worn out. Help your team keep winning by supporting their campaign to raise $3,000 by December 30th. We have already nearly reached half of our goal thanks to generous business and community members like you.

How does your donation help?

  • A $20 donation buys one set of new knee pads
  • A $50 donation buys a set of new shoulder pads
  • A $120 Donation buys a new helmet
  • A $500 Donation buys a full set of gear for one student!

Thanks for supporting your Thornton Silver Wolves. Click here to help save the day!

As you can see in the second example there is a more emotional plea for help. It makes the reader feel like they are part of the team. It also provides much more detail about why the money needs to be raised and specifics about where that money will go. Also, telling the readers how the campaign is going so far is very important. As you write your campaign description keep these things in mind and the people who read your campaign will be much more willing to open their hearts and wallets to your cause.