Going Back to School: Tips to a Successful Fundraiser

Schoolchildren and their teacher in an art class

Let’s be honest – if you have kids in any type of public school, it feels as if they are constantly in need of something. The reality is that many public schools are seriously underfunded and teachers have a hard time buying things like pencils, white board markers and even crayons for younger classes. Many teachers give up and spend their own hard-earned money to ensure that our children have the things they need to succeed in education. Others turn to fundraising to earn a little extra money to pass on a love of learning to the community.

Whether you are a teacher in need of funds or a concerned parent that wants to help, silent auctions, crowdfunding and shopping donations make it simple for everyone to donate to a worthy cause. Before you start planning any type of fundraiser, we have some tips to help you get on the right path.

Know Your Purpose

People are more likely to give money to something with a purpose. What are your end goals? Do you want to earn a certain amount of money, or are you raising funds for a specific big-ticket item in the classroom? Make sure your participants are aware of your purpose before you get started.

Set a Goal

While you will never turn money away, it is motivating for givers and fundraisers to have a goal that needs to be met. Set a goal and if you pass it, you have even more reason to celebrate.

Define Your Budget

You don’t always need a big budget to raise money for a worthy cause. If you do have a budget, define it beforehand so you don’t end up in the hole.

Exercise Your Leadership Skills

Your fundraiser needs a leader. You can have a committee and a teacher involved, but if you are heading up the project, it needs to be obvious who is there to answer questions.

Identify Your Target Audience

When raising money for a classroom, the parents of the students are going to be your best bet, but don’t rule out others in the community. They will have children come through the school one day and may be willing to donate in advance.

Marketing Your Event

Are you doing a silent auction for a big item donated by a business in the community? Did you set up a crowdfunding site where givers can simply hand you a donation? Can shoppers go through your fundraiser at Elefundo to earn money for your cause even as they shop at their favorite stores? Regardless of how the fundraiser is set up, you must advertise it or it will fail. Pass out flyers to those in the community, put up signs in the school and use social media to market your event.

Always Say Thank You

If you are working with a public school, this won’t be the last time that you need to raise money for something. If you want repeat donators, don’t forget to thank them profusely and even publicly. Let them know their donation is very much appreciated.

We Can Help

At Elefundo, we make fundraising effortless and easy. Contact us today to learn more.