School’s Almost Out: 5 Ways to Raise Money in the Summer

Inscription on blackboard backgroundBy the end of May, most parents are worn out from assignments, special projects, soccer games, dance recitals and all the other activities kids participate in. While you may be counting down the days until there is no longer a 7 A.M. wake-up call, don’t miss out on the many chances you have during the summer to raise money for schools, teams and other charities.

We’ve put together a list of five ways to raise money in the summer for a worthy cause. When the kids are bored and the sun is shining, it’s the perfect time to get people to give.

Organize a Block Party

You’ve all been busy for nine months, and once the days get longer and life slows down, it’s the ideal opportunity to get to know your neighbors a little better. Organize a block party, and rather than doing a potluck dinner, offer dessert and ask your neighbors to donate the cost of dinner to a worthy cause you have chosen.

Car Wash Coordination

If you have teenagers that are driving you crazy with their boredom and want to show them a little about charity work, have them organize a car wash in the neighborhood to raise money to pay for their own activities. These are classic fundraisers that make it easy to give, and kids cool off and have a great time while they are at it. This is the perfect way to show your kids that fundraising is about more than work; that it can also be about doing something that put another’s needs before your own.

Try an Online Fundraiser

In the hot, hot months of July and August, most people prefer to spend time in an air-conditioned home rather than at a fundraising event. Online fundraising through an organization like Elefundo can go on year-round, and with almost no effort on your part.  You can shop through hundreds of online retailers or local businesses that participate.  You can constantly be raising money for the things you care about. In the summer, try an online silent auction or sell tickets for a special event to raise money.

Host a Movie Night

Families with young kids are constantly looking for things to do during those long summer days and nights. You can help them by setting up a fundraising movie night. Host a movie party at your house for adults and kids instead of the theater and ask them to donate the price they would have paid for admission to the local elementary school. It’s a win-win situation when kids are entertained and parents feel good about giving back to the community.

Kill the Thirst With Water Bottles

Summer means soccer tournaments, baseball games and all types of outdoor activities. If your kids want a chance to earn money, have them sell water bottles at the next outdoor sporting event. That beating down sun makes everyone thirsty, and the mom who forgot to pack a water bottle for her thirsty toddler will be forever grateful. Have kids donate everything they make after the cost of supplies to a local charity.

Fundraising doesn’t have to be an official event, and it doesn’t require that you make a large sum of money. Fundraising is about motivating people to give and giving them an outlet to do it. At Elefundo, we want to make giving and raising money easier for worthy causes including schools, churches and charities. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you meet your goal.