Tips for Making Your School Fundraiser More Successful

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There are few places that deserve more money and receive less than public schools. Oftentimes, the fundraising falls to parents and teachers that are already overwhelmed and underpaid. Many members of the community would love to be a part of improving the local elementary, junior high or high school, but aren’t sure where to give. Many times, all it takes is a good event or fundraiser to kick things into gear, and we have a few tips to make your school fundraiser more successful.

Make It Easy to Help

Parents are often worried about overcommitting when their own lives are busy. Kids, extracurricular activities and jobs leave parents feeling exhausted and unlikely to take on something else. If you make it easy to help with your fundraiser, they are more likely to come and pitch in to help.

Remind parents that their children are benefitting from the fundraiser, and keep the jobs as painless as possible. Focus most of the effort on the prep work so the event flows smoothly and everyone can relax and enjoy. Keep volunteering shifts short, as parents can often commit to one or two hours but not five.

Use Previous Successful Ideas

Did you host an event last year that was a hit? If so, build upon that theme and stick with what works. Too often, committees try to come up with new, innovative ideas that are just a lot of work, when they already have great ideas to draw from in past year events. After every fundraiser you have, discuss with your committee what worked and what didn’t so next year’s event can be even better.

Utilize the Internet

In today’s world, you don’t even have to hold a special event to raise money. Many parents would rather write a check or make a monetary donation than volunteer and attend an event. If this is the demographic you are working with, consider online fundraising. Hold a silent auction or just set up an online donation site. This makes it easy for parents who are too busy to be involved but are still passionate about education. It can even give other relatives a chance to donate when they are out of state.

Involve the Students as Much as Possible

Regardless of who is doing the actual planning and money tallying, it’s the kids that are benefitting from these fundraisers, and it’s good for them to buy into the system a little. Involve students by asking them to collect donations when appropriate, requiring them to work a shift preparing for the event or even selling tickets for a fundraiser. They can help with online fundraising by informing relatives and friends that are out of the area about what their school is raising money for.

Join an Already Successful Programs

Millions of Americans are passionate about raising money for and supporting public schools, so know that you aren’t alone in your efforts. There are current successful programs that allow you to raise money for your school without a lot of effort. At Elefundo, we make online fundraising easy and fast with things like online shopping and silent auctions. If you need ways to earn money for your school quickly, contact us to learn more.

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