Want to Save Money When Shopping Online?  Here Are Some Tips for You

Woman Shopping Online Shopaholics Payment Concept While you are on the go driving carpool, waiting for practices to be finished or in line at doctor’s office, it’s easier than ever to buy the things you want without even stepping foot in a brick and mortar store. Online shopping has revolutionized how American consumers spend their money and made it easier to get the things you want when you want them.

Studies shows that over half of Americans prefer shopping online rather than going to an actual store, and 80% have made an online purchase in the last thirty days. This is great news for online boutiques and stores, but as a consumer, how can you save money and still enjoy the convenience of shopping in your pajamas? We have a few tips and tricks.

Shop Around

You found the product you’ve been looking for at a decent price online, so should you buy from the first site you come across? Of course not! Once you have found the product, do a quick Google search to see if it is selling online for less in another store. As you choose between several different stores, consider the shipping charges and handling time from each one, as it may be worth it to pay more to get it faster.

Don’t Forget Discount Codes

You may not get coupons in the mail, but the online equivalent is discounts that come through subscriptions to a newsletter or weekly email. Once you receive an email, store the discount code until it expires. If you don’t have a discount code from a marketing email, do a quick online search for coupons to the store you are buying from. Always check for a discount code before making a purchase.

Know Which Days to Shop

You might be lazing around on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and decide to fill up your shopping cart, but if you wait a few more days you may get a better deal. Most stores offer special discounts and deals toward the end of the work week on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

If you are buying airfare, this is the exception to the rule. Monday is the worst day to buy airline tickets while Sunday is the best.

Watch for Dropped Prices

It can be extremely frustrating when you purchase an item, and the next day you notice it has gone on sale. Many stores have a 14-day policy that allows you to get a refund if an item goes on sale immediately after you bought it. Watch your purchases closely to be aware of when you may be owed a refund.

Buy Through Rebate or Fundraising Sites

When you are buying from popular sites like Walmart, Groupon or Target, some sites offer a rebate on your total purchase price. Others, like Elefundo, will donate a portion of your purchase to a fundraiser for a local school, charity or church. When you’re shopping online for things you already need to buy, shop through Elefundo to give a small part of your total to something you are passionate about.