Where Is Your Money Going? 5 Places Schools Use Fundraising Money

Where is your money goingWhen you give money to charity, it is always nice to see that it goes where you intended it to.  This is particularly true when you give money to a school fundraiser. You want to know that your children are going to benefit from your efforts to raise money for their school. Whether it’s through an online auction, a charity event or a rebate shopping site, if your school is receiving money from donors, where is that money being used? We have five places most schools choose to put extra money.

1. School Supplies

Pencils run out, notebooks grow thin and crayons break. Each student starts out the year with bright, shiny, new stuff, but it’s quickly apparent that a lot of it will need to be replaced, especially in elementary school. Teachers and school administrators have a small amount of money they can use to buy extra supplies, but anything above and beyond that is on their shoulders.

Donor money may be used for school supplies like glue sticks, erasers, lined paper, notebooks, storage bins, boxes and anything else the teacher feels is appropriate for the classroom.

2. Cleaning Materials

Schools are full of germs, and it’s difficult to prevent your kids from getting sick when the colder weather rolls around. To keep the classroom clean and remove illness before it gets out of control, teachers may use donor money for sanitation and cleaning materials.

Items like antibacterial wipes, disinfectant spray, hand sanitizer, paper towel and tissues are always needed in classrooms.

3. Items for Presentation

In today’s world, technology makes teaching easier and more adaptable to kids with different learning styles. No longer is a chalkboard and chalk the only thing a teacher needs to get the job done. Teachers need white boards, overhead projectors and software programs that allow them to design lessons and clean them up faster.

Donor money is often used for presentation items like up-to-date maps, smart boards, easels, iPads and other types of technology that give the kids and the teacher an extra boost when it comes to lesson plans.

4. Reading Material

One of the hardest jobs a teacher has is to keep all students focused and motivated when they are all on different levels academically. A great way to ensure that more advanced students are occupied while others require more attention from the teacher is to have plenty of material available for free reading. Books are expensive and teachers prefer the newest, most popular stories so that kids want to read them.

Fundraisers often help teachers get books for the classroom and the library. Parents can also donate books to the teacher’s classroom at any time, but it’s always a good idea to ask the teacher for a list of wanted items.

5. Craft/Art Supplies

Kids learn in different ways, and creativity is a big part of teaching them to think abstractly and to solve problems outside the box. Unfortunately, craft and art supplies often come low on the list of priorities when it comes to school supplies.

Donor money is often used for things like colored markers, scissors, glue, pencils, construction paper and crayons.

If You Want to Know

Any time a fundraiser is held or a special event is organized, parents are free to ask administrators and teachers what they plan to do with the money. If people know what they are donating for, they may be more likely to get involved. Elefundo helps schools raise money for supplies and other materials in easy, simple ways. Contact us to learn more.